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2/27/ · Every year the MIT Tech Review publishes a list of the ten breakthrough technologies. This year, it has invited Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates as their first-ever guest editor of the list. In.
11/6/ · Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates had his hands full on-stage in Beijing on Tuesday, showing a jar of human faeces. The stunt was part of .
11/6/ · Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business. "I never imagined that I'd know so much about poop," the billionaire philanthropist says. How Bill Gates .
In his quest to solve, or have a hand in solving, some of the world’s more pressing problems, Bill Gates has no doubt been presented with a range of evolving technologies which promise to do one.
9/27/ · Bill Gates calls for more data, foreign aid for global health work amid talks of huge U.S. spending cuts. by Clare McGrane on September 27, at am September 29, at am.
2/20/ · Microsoft founder Bill Gates called for a robot tax to offset the loss of jobs done by humans as a result of advancements in automation during an interview with Quartz. “Certainly there will be taxes that relate to automation.
2/18/ · Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and world’s richest man, said in an interview Friday that robots that steal human jobs should pay their fair share of taxes.
11/8/ · And yet, fellow billionaire Bill Gates says he wasn't even sure he wanted to meet Buffett at all before the two iconic businessmen finally crossed paths in the early [HOST]: Tom Huddleston.
9/18/ · What worries Bill Gates most? The booming population of Africa looms over his foundation’s latest global survey. By the end of this century there will be 4 billion more people on Earth – and 3.
Melinda Gates' book "The Moment of Lift" discusses her marriage to Bill Gates, kids, and solving the world's toughest problems by empowering women. And I loved being in tech. It is a life
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